“My take on life is that it’s a giant hors d’oeuvres tray and my approach is to have a taste of everything.”
"Olivia Haines woke up about 3 o'clock in the morning screaming. She didn’t know if it were a silent scream or if . . .
"Ava Fisher was a flamboyant mess. Everyone said it no matter what the occasion. This doesn't necessarily mean . . .
With the new book people of all walks of life can now turn their experiences into an exciting novel, stage play or screenplay.
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With the new book Confessions of a Script Doctor, people of all walks of life can now turn their experiences into an exciting novel, stage play or screenplay. You don’t believe it? You should. This exciting new and fun guide can become your mentor for authoring the book or screenplay you’ve always wanted to write. Perhaps you are one of those people who is saying that your life has been dull and no one would give a hoot about anything you’ve done. That is where you are very wrong. Every life has had drama, conflict and some unusual events. Confessions of a Script Doctor is made for you. This guide will help you find the inner-you and turn your background into a story with spirit. Even if you’re a person who, according to yourself, has led a charmed life, this book will help you separate your ego from your life experiences and get down to what you’re really all about. How many times have people told you that you should write a book? Think of the number of times you’ve contemplated writing a book or screenplay. So what happened? Where is that project right this minute? The answer: Your project never got off the ground. It remained just an idea or never got past chapter two or you ran out of steam long before the ending. What happened to all of those great intentions? You were winging it and weren’t having much fun because you really didn’t know what you were doing. You were like a ship without a rudder and you finally sank like the Titanic. In summation, your project is presently collecting dust somewhere. Help is finally here for all of you who want to give writing an organized shot. This manual is written especially for those who have tried but quit. Confessions of a Script Doctor contains 80 short lessons that will guide you through the writing experience with self-confidence, a spirit of fun and total understanding of what you are doing. Quitting is not an option with Confessions of a Script Doctor. The lessons in this manual will quickly set you back on course and wake up your creative spirits. This book can be your mentor, guide, friend and teacher. More…
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