The Name Game

Here I am a junior in high school. My first name “Jack” came from the child star Jackie Coogan. Many of our first names are those of famous people. My last name ”Fitzgerald” means “son of Gerald.

You are what you are named. Names could tell some interesting stories if only they could talk. First of all they would probably protest loudly that they have over time been shortened, misspelled, mispronounced, and most of all been changed. Your name is probably the most significant thing about you. Names are very important and they figure … [Read more...]

Deus Ex Machina

Jack and star of my play “Tijuana Lady” in Paris. For a tidy ending I used a will, which is a very common "deus ex machina" ploy.

The term “Deus Ex Machina” was first introduced to me in my Senior year of high school by Mr. Carpenter, who not only served as the superintendent of our school but also taught literature. He was an interesting little man and was the closest thing we had in Okolona to a classics scholar. I must admit that at the time most of us didn’t understand a … [Read more...]


Synchronicity took Jack, Don, Ken and a guide deep into the Amazon and it all ended up as Jack’s play HOTEL VIRGINIA.

A couple of blogs back the topic was Dreams, which dealt with the conscious dreams we have in our lives. Today’s blog is about those dreams that I said were generally caused by eating too many rich foods before going to bed. Even though it sounded like I was trivializing, I would like to assure you I definitely was not. Today’s blog is about the … [Read more...]


Jack at Age 14 just after puberty had set in.

Today’s blog is Goals, which is the flip side of Dreams—last week’s subject. The two go hand in hand and are like Siamese twins. One is rather inseparable from the other. According to Webster’s Dictionary, Dreams are the ideals that propel us toward a certain objective while Goals are the objectives to which effort is directed. I generally defer … [Read more...]



Today is the first day of spring or the vernal equinox. Vernal means spring and equinox means that day and night are pretty much equal in length. Today is the day when Mother Nature begins her renewal process and we see buds on trees, flowers peeking their heads above ground and warmth returning to the Northern Hemisphere. Also poetically this is … [Read more...]